Winter Workshops: Tea Sampling x Modern Western Calligraphy

2015-11-18 (Wed) - 2015-12-09 (Wed)
19:30 - 21:30

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There’s something magical about the touch of pen on paper and sipping tea. There’s the gentle indent that your nib makes on paper, the decided curve and more flowing strokes, and in between, mellow whiffs of a hot golden liquid pouring into your nostrils and then mouth…

This Winter we are delighted to once again join forces with our favourite calligrapher Beverly in a brand new series of workshops at teakha II, “"Winter Workshops: Tea Sampling x Modern Western Calligraphy", where you will learn the basics of modern calligraphy or acquire tips for festive gifting ideas whilst enjoying a selection of teakha teas.

This is an exercise steeped in tradition and yet birming with creativity. Come make a booking today! Seats limited.

+ Basic Calligraphy Kit @ $299
- 1x straight plastic penholder
- 1x Nikko nib
- 1x plastic screw-top ink vial
- 1x black sumi ink bottle
- 1x ruled/angled guide sheet
- 1x letterpress alphanumeric guide
- 5x vellum sheets
- 1x customised small notebook

+ Complete Calligraphy Kit @ $595
- 1x oblique plastic penholder
- 1x straight plastic penholder
- 3x assorted nibs (Nikko, Hunt, Brause)
- 1x wooden inkwell with pen rest
- 2x ink vials
- 1x black ink bottle
- 1x ruled/angled guide sheet
- 1x letterpress alphanumeric guide
- 10x vellum sheets
- 1x navy cotton tote bag
- 1x customised small notebook

+ Festive Ink Set @ $350 (available for purchase in addition to the sets above, or individually for those who already have their own tools)
- 1x round watercolour brush
- 1x Finetec 6 Metallic Colour Set
- 2x blank ivory cards with corresponding envelopes
+ 4x gift tags

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