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《湛》—— 正念練習 The Dew – A Mindfulness Programme

2020-05-24 (Sun) - 2020-11-08 (Sun)

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The Dew – Clarity and Placidity, Condensing the Essence of Life

HART is introducing a new mindfulness programme in 2020 – The Dew. A programme curated by our Partner Hausian Sheeta Ng, The Dew is a series of six workshops which allow participants to grow self-awareness through art explorations in light, taste, touch, color and voice. By practicing art using our different senses, participants can understand more about themselves, readjust their focuses, and transform creativity into positive energies in life.

There is no fixed syllabus – you are welcome to enroll in any workshop according to your interests and needs, and enjoy your own tailor-made programme.

We look forward to beginning this journey with you.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/thedew

Workshop #1 – Light | The Fluidity of Light

Do you still remember, when was the last time you looked up at the sky? Yesterday? A week or a month ago? Looking up is just a very natural and simple action to lift your head upward. Your eyes are wide with the surprise of what you are seeing at that moment – sometimes with the blissful cloudless blue sky, sometimes with dramatically cloudy, or sporadically with the peaceful halo when the moon rises.  

Whatever we see we look at, light is the first crucial element helping us to discover more about our surroundings. Light is also the fundamental element, which is so intensely a part of our being, that we can’t even imagine our life without.

Through this workshop, participants will first take a field trip with our instructor, where they will be guided to discover innovative ways to capture light in our daily environment with creative tools. In the second part of the workshop, participants will create their own light installations through a site specific audio experience. 

Let’s reconsider the existence of light from its physical nature, to a more sentimental comprehensive perspective – its linkage to our feelings, memories and personal stories. We anticipate your engagement in the sharing and discussions to co-create this journey with us.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/1

Workshop #2 – Taste | Making Sense of Food

“Happy Plantarian” started out with two sisters Tansy and Althea who are passionate in creating wholesome, innovative and super flavorful Whole Plant foods to share with families and friends.

This introductory Plant-Based Eating workshop consists of three parts: 

– an introduction of ‘Whole Food Plant-Based Eating’ and why it is healthier for your body and mind;
– how eating is related to energies and the development of a better sense of well-being; and
– food tasting session for attendees – sample delicious Whole Plant Food especially prepared by Happy Plantarian. 

Come learn more about this conscious way of Sustainable Eating that can fuel you up with optimal positive energy!

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/2

Workshop #3 – Touch | Discovering Yourself through Natural Dye

In the process of natural dyeing, mother nature provides us the ingredients, while our predecessors share with us the legacy of deriving pigments. We learn about each plant that can be used for the extraction of dyeing materials, and we aquaire colours from nature. In the end, we use our hands to “dye” this pure,simple beauty of mutual respect onto the fabric. 

Drinking tea is like practising natural dye – it is through meditation, slowing down, and relaxation that we can look into our heart, and discover our true self. Among all the “seven household necessities” in traditional Chinese belief since the Tang Dynasty, “tea” is regarded as the must-do in daily life. Through this series of workshops, participants can understand more about plants that can make tea and dyes, while learning to see natural dye as a day-to-day process to restore the tranquility of our mind. 

There are two levels in this series of workshops – beginners and advanced, which the participants can choose from.  

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/3

Workshop #4 – Touch | Slow Knotting Immersion

Come and explore some moments of slow and mindful knotting, while learning self-care and mindfulness approaches. 

In our two sessions of workshops, we hope to help one establish relationship with nature by knotting some found objects. In the first workshop, we will head outside for a silent walk, and hunt objects that spark creativity. In the second workshop, we will introduce some simple and meditative knotting steps. You can create your own unique decorative knotting hanger with found objects from your discovery and ropes.  

We will provide you with everything you need to start your knotting journey – ropes and knotting tools. By the end of this workshop, we hope you bring home with something other than just the artworks – but also happiness, joy and relaxation.

*Please note that this is a two-part workshop that will be held on both August 15 and August 22. Participants are strongly encouraged to come on both days.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/4

Workshop #5 – Color | Color for Imagination

Colour is one of the most important elements of visual art, and at the same time, it is a gateway for us to appreciate the world. Colour can also stimulate creative thinking and imagination. In this workshop, instructor Christo Lau will lead participants to exercise their awareness through studying colours, and as a result elevate mindfulness. 

There will be four sessions in this workshop : 1. Colour in Seeing, 2. Colour in Thinking, 3. Colour in Feeling, 4. Colour in Surrounding. Through reading colour and appreciating life, let us breakthrough our inertial thinking, begin a new conversation with ourselves and explore the true colour that one needs.

This workshop is also ideal for participants who wish to ease their mind, and to better listen to their inner voice and emotional needs, with experiences consisting of observation, creation, and meditation. 

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/5

Workshop #6 – Voice & Chi | Revitalisation of Body, Mind and Soul – A Combination of Voice and Chi

Activate your body’s self-healing ability through resonance of one’s voice; adjust the status of your body and mind through personal chi and energy flow.  With guidance and demonstration, participants can learn to develop healthier body and mind, and better unleash their potentials through simple yet practical methods, in line with the use of voice and chi. 

This workshop will consist of two parts: the first part will focus on ‘voice’ – using human voices and instruments to understand the coordination of one’s body and tone, discover self-healing power of frequency, and the potentials of chanting. The second part will focus on ‘chi’ – the development of one’s sense of chi, the healing power of collective energy flow and the combination of voice and chi.

Programme Details: https://thehart.com.hk/the-dew-programme/6

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