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感知自然 — 就是龍虎山 The Pulse of Nature — Lung Fu Shan

2019-02-01 (Fri) - 2019-06-09 (Sun)

10th Anniversary Exhibition | The Pulse of Nature – Lung Fu Shan 】

In celebration of Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre’s 10th anniversary, our centre presents “The Pulse of Nature – Lung Fu Shan”.

These ten years, our mission has been to bring all of us closer to the environment. In this spirit, the exhibition reflects on the essence of “environmental exploration”: How many ways can we step into an environment? How can we sense and explore its many pulses?

Beginning February, join us as we follow 6 artists, 2 novelists, architects and past mountain residents out of this little bungalow’s 130 years of history, and into mountain, forest and city.

Let us explore, meander and search together for – The Pulse of Nature.


Leelee Chan (sculpture), Choi Ching Yee (photography), Bouie Choi (painting), Ho Sin Tung (drawing), South Ho (photography), Swing Lam (illustrated booklet)

Cheng Wa Chu (short story), Wong Yi (short story)

Gavin Coates (creative writing), Bong Yeung (map illustrations)

Exhibition Period
01.02.2019 (Fri) to 09.06.2019 (Sun)

Opening Hours
Tuesday, Thursday – Sunday 10:30a.m. to 5:30p.m.
Wednesday 10:30a.m. to 2:30p.m.
Closed on Mondays, Wednesday Afternoons, New Year, Lunar New Year and Christmas public holidays

Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre Exhibition Hall – No.50, Kotewall Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong (near University Drive entrance)

** Free Admission **

Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre

A community that lives sustainably and harmoniously with nature.

To conserve nature through education rooted in partnership with the university, government and wider community.

Place – Provide accessible spaces for all to learn about, grow closer to and enjoy nature.
Community – Grow a community to address environmental challenges through collaborative and constructive actions.
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