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2019-08-25 (Sun)
10:00 - 19:00

Of all types of ceramics, tablewares share the most intimate moments with us.

Sure, you’ve touched them with the palm of your hands, the tip of your fingers or the corner of your lips. But have they ever touched you?

It could take some time for a piece of tableware to warm up from, say, mom’s chicken soup. But when you’ve had the last sip, all that’s left is the warmth of the memory from that winter when she thought her most prized piece in the cabinet would fight off that nasty cold you had.

On Aug 25th, we’re opening up the studio for anyone to visit.
This year’s theme is “The Scenery of the Table”. We look forward to welcoming collectors, ceramists, friends, and families to our Open Day/Market.

✿ During this period, income from the “On Sales” section will be donated to a charity of our choosing.

✿ Meanwhile, we will have a give away secret gift to our visitors. Gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

✿ We will provide simple packaging for the products you purchase. Please feel free to bring your own bags during the day.

Date: Aug 25 2019 (Sun)
Time: 10 AM – 7 PM
Venue: Useless Studio (A2, 5F, Lee Chung Industrial Building, 7 Tsat Po Street, San Po Kung)

無用生活 Useless Studio

無用生活成立於2015年的秋天,現時工作室位於新蒲崗的一座工廠大廈之中,這裡既是教授陶藝的教室,也是無用器物的誕生地。我們的器物,著重表現泥土自身的質感,亦希望展現出不同器具可嘗試的線條美。 「無用生活」四字,是我們對理想人生狀態的一種直白表述。在一切追求效率的時代裡,我們依然希望著可以慢慢花時間用泥土製作出有溫度的陶器。希望可以藉此給生活帶去有那麼片刻毫無雜念,只在當下的片段時間。 ... »