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2019-04-13 (Sat)

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故事:即將結束漫長的職業生涯,表演者仍在努力繼續他的最後一次巡演。受到痛苦和對藝術疑慮的困擾,他認為他的工作具有相關性。究竟這主要是出於他自己的喜悅還是表演能夠跨越時空並對觀眾產生明顯的影響?創造和執行的樂趣是否與“真實”生活中的情感相等? THE BETWEEN SPACE著眼於表演的現實,以及它如何嘗試揭示藝術家和觀眾之間的關係。它著眼於生死之間的空間;有意識和無意識之間。

THE BETWEEN SPACE由Tripsichore的創始人Edward Clark執行。近40年來,Tripsichore一直引領著瑜伽的創新和創造。他們設計了這些技術並闡明了vinyasa瑜伽的理念。他們一直在追求這些實踐,以創建和表演瑜伽劇院,並在世界各地進行表演。在戲劇表演中,Tripsichore使用瑜伽中的動作來描繪角色的內在生活和他們所處的情境。結果就像一個寧靜吸收的故事和冥想。


The Story: Nearing the end of a long career, a performer struggles to continue his final tour. Bothered by pain and beset with artistic doubts, he considers the relevance of his work. Is it something mainly for his own delight or does the performance reach across space and have an appreciable effect on the audience that is close to its intent? Is the delight of creation and execution a satisfaction equal to what happens in “real” life? THE BETWEEN SPACE looks at the reality of performance and how it attempts to broach what lies between artist and audience. It looks at the space between life and death; between the conscious and unconscious.

THE BETWEEN SPACE is performed by Edward Clark, the creator of Tripsichore. For nearly 40 years, Tripsichore has led the way to innovation and creativity in yoga. They have devised the techniques and articulated the philosophy of vinyasa yoga. They have pursued these practices to create and perform Yoga Theatre and have travelled relentlessly round the globe. In its theatrical presentations, Tripsichore uses the movements found in yoga to depict the inner life of the characters and the situations they are in. The results are like both a serenely absorbing story and a meditation.

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