wow and flutter WEEKEND 本地薑週末 2017 (正價 Regular Price)

2017-08-11 (Fri) - 2017-08-13 (Sun)
13:00 - 23:00

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wow and flutter WEEKEND 本地薑週末 2017 (正價 Regular Price)

日期 Date:August 11-13, 2017 (Friday - Sunday)
時間 Time:18:00 - 22:30 (August 11, 2017) / 13:00 - 22:30 (August 12-13, 2017)
地點 Venue:西九文化區 West Kowloon Cultural District

門票類別 Ticket Type:
成人週末票 Weekend Pass:HK$900
成人單日票 Single Day Pass:HK$450
學生週末票 Weekend Student Pass:HK$800
學生單日票 Single Day Student Pass:HK$350

- 適用於本地薑週末所有正價門票類別
- 登山杯將於您入場當日隨門票領取
- 數量有限,送完即止
- wow and flutter 保留最後決定權 

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- This limited offer is applicable to all regular price ticket category of wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND 2017
- You will use your electronic ticket for redemption at the event
- Available while stock lasts
- wow and flutter reserves the right to all final decisions

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- 適用於本地薑週末所有正價門票類別
- 限定毛巾原價$120,優惠價$80
- 數量有限,售完即止
- wow and flutter 保留最後決定權 

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- This discount offer is applicable to all regular price ticket category of wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND 2017
- Original price $120, discounted price $80
- Available while stock lasts
- wow and flutter reserves the right to all final decisions
(The giveaway period started on July 1 was already ended on July 20, we will soon announce the results and redemption method by email, thank you everyone for the support!)

由太陽娛樂演唱會主辦、89268策劃,「wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND 本地薑週末 2017」將於2017年8月11至13日假西九文化區舉行,逾70隊香港本地樂隊,將佔領「香港」、「九龍」、「新界」及「離島」四大舞台,一連三日以獨門音樂饗樂迷。 亦包羅多個藝術單位展覽、數十個手作攤檔、多個親子活動、及多個本地特色飲食檔。

Organised by The Sun Entertainment Concert, a 89268 project, “wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND” is a 3-days festival comprising local music, art installation, unique local foods, craft market, and family activities. It gathers bands from around Hong Kong to perform on four different stages – namely Hong Kong, Kowloon, New Territories, The Islands and local talents and artists to participate and exhibit in different ways. The WEEKEND will take place on 11th to 13th August 2017 at West Kowloon Cultural District.

完整音樂演出單位包括 Stage Line-up of THE WEEKEND 2017 has been fully announced, including:
達明一派 Tat Ming Pair / LMF / 恭碩良 Jun Kung / Supper Moment / RubberBand / Dear Jane / 觸執毛 Chochukmo / 鐵樹蘭 Tieshulan / 假音人 Gayamyan / 秋紅 Qiu Hong / 李拾壹 Subyub Lee & 三李團  / Yellow! / Ketchup / 新青年理髮廳 New Youth Barbarshop / 雞蛋蒸肉餅 GDJYB / Blaster / Nowhere Boys / Sensi Lion / 逆流 NiLiu / Instinct of Sight / tfvsjs / More Reverb / David Boring / Jason Kui / Josie & The Uni Boys / Site Access / 香村 Fragrant Village / 小紅帽 Silhungmo / Milos / Dagger / Thud / Teenage Riot / Modern Children / Phantom / Minimal / Dr.Eggs / DP / 蔡世豪 Choi Sai Ho / Dusty Bottle / So it Goes - / 話梅鹿 Prune Deer / 火箭頭先生 Mr. Rocket Head / 神奇膠 Wondergarl / Another Kitchen / Stranded Whale / 崩口碗 / The Bright Lights / eli / PHOON / Wellsaid / DeepInside / The Agony Metropolis / Cousin / The Sulis Club / Sea of Tranquility / Andy is Typing… / 三兔 The Three Hares / 黃靖 Jing Wong / 黎曉陽 Michael Lai / 徐嘉浩 Kevin Kaho Tsui  / per se / 萱寧 Ama / The Pliable / Cooper / Carrier 帶菌者 / 咖啡因公園 / 謝芊彤 謝芊蕾  / Cassette / CY Leo / Hey Rachel / Olivier Cong 逸天 / Cow Head / The Benefactor / 海島小輪 Sea Island & Ferry / 舒延 / 馬騮精 / NTBM (Not to be missed)

更多活動資料請瀏覽 wow and flutter WEEKEND Facebookwow and flutter WEEKEND網站查詢。
For more information, please visit wow and flutter WEEKEND Facebook and wow and flutter WEEKEND website.

技術支援 Technical Support:look@putyourself.in
節目查詢 Festival Enquiry:hello@wowandflutter.hk

主辦 Organiser:太陽娛樂演唱會 / AMG 亞洲音樂娛樂 / Juooo 聚橙網
指定啤酒 Official Beer:San Miguel
音樂伙伴 Music Partner:JOOX
贊助 Sponsor:Angry Orchard / The Mills 南豐紗廠 / Watson’s Water / Mr. Juicy 菓汁先生
全力支持 Supported by:Streetvoice 街聲 / The Overlander / Chums / Dr. Martens / Sennheiser
伙伴 Partner:無國界醫生 / Dance Kingdom / 綠腳丫 / 微影 TINY / TEELOCKER / Growth Ring & Supply / Hellolulu / 走杯 Go Cup / 執嘢 JupYeah / 城泉 Urban Spring / 搞乜東東
票務伙伴 Ticketing Partner:Putyourself.in / HMV / Ticketflap
製作及策劃 Festival Management and Production:POPM Design & Marketing Consultancy
鳴謝 Special Thanks:Milkxhake / PaulAndPhoebe / Blow 吹音樂

購票方法 Payment Method

網上付款 Online Payment:
For Online Payment, you may pay through PayPal. Once your payment is made successfully, you will receive the electronic ticket through your registered email at Putyourself.in.

離線付款 Offline Payment:
當你選擇以Offline Payment付款後,你會收到一個由Putyourself.in發出的電郵,在郵件中會提供資料讓閣下進行Offline Payment。(如你沒收到此電郵,請聯絡 look@putyourself.in 查詢。)請在此郵件發出的三個工作天(不包括週末)內進行付款或過賬程序,並把付款證明連同你的姓名及電郵發送到 ticketing@wowandflutter.hk,當主辦單位確認你的付款後,閣下會在二至三個工作天內收到門票。如在電郵發出後三個工作天內沒有收到閣下的付款,主辦單位將保留權利取消閣下的Booking。
When you choose to pay through Offline Payment, you will received an email from Putyourself.in after you ordered your ticket, that email will provide you with details for offline transfer. (If you do not receive this email after ticket order, please contact look@putyourself.in for enquiry.) Please make the offline payment within three (3) working days (excluding weekends) and send the payment proof with your registered name and email to "ticketing@wowandflutter.hk". The organizer will issue the electronic tickets to you within two (2) to three (3) working days once your payment is confirmed. If the organizer do not receive your payment detail within three (3) working days after the booking pending email is issued, the organizer reserves the rights to cancel your reservation.

關於你的門票 About your ticket
- 每個QR碼只能掃瞄一次,並只限一人使用 Each QR code could only be scanned one, and could only be used by one person.
- 持有未經授權的複製門票將不能進入會場 Holders of duplicated ticket will not be permitted to enter the venue
- 「週末票」可於活動三天內(8月11至13日) 任何時間及多次進出場地 “Weekend Pass” is valid for unlimited entry for 3-days (August 11-13, 2017)
- 「週五票」只可在8月11日活動當天任何時間及多次進出場地 “Friday Pass" is valid for unlimited entry on August 11, 2017
- 「週六票」只可在8月12日活動當天任何時間及多次進出場地 “Saturday Pass" is valid for unlimited entry on August 12, 2017
- 「週日票」只可在8月13日活動當天任何時間及多次進出場地 “Sunday Pass" is valid for unlimited entry on August 13, 2017
- 每位入場人士均獲發活動手帶一條並由大會人員為入場人士戴上手腕,如活動手帶一經破壞,即喪失入場資格。活動手帶不可轉讓予他人使用。入場人士須確保活動手帶之完整。「週末票」人士將於首次進場時獲發活動手帶,同一活動手帶需要連續使用三天。Each participant will be given a wristband upon entry. The wristband must be kept on at all times during the event, please take good care of the wristband. Entry will be denied if wristband is lost or damaged. “Weekend” Tickets holder will be given a wristband on the first entry, and to be used for all 3-days.
- 如您收不到任何確認電郵,請電郵至 look@putyourself.in,大會將協助進行調查和確認,並再次重新發送確認電郵給您。Please email look@putyourself.in if you do not receive a confirmation email after ticket purchase.
- 如果在購票途中需要技術支援或遇上技術問題, 請將姓名、電話和問題,電郵至 hello@wowandflutter.hk, 我們會於一個工作天內回覆您。Should you need any technical assistance during purchase, please email your name, phone number, and question to hello@wowandflutter.hk. We will response within 1 business day.

惡劣天氣情況 Adverse Weather Conditions
- 如遇天雨或天文台發出之惡劣天氣訊號等,活動仍然照常舉行,不設退票。主辦將按天氣狀況適當調動活動安排,並將就相關調動發出通知。持票者需留意通知。The festival will not be cancelled due to inclement weather, please note that tickets will not be refunded. Organiser will adjust the event programme according to weather condition. Participants should pay attention to announcements.

寵物安排 Pets
- 可攜帶寵物入場, 每人可攜帶最多2頭寵物入場。持票人士須負責看管其寵物,若遇寵物遺失、寵物襲擊/傷害他人或動物等,持票者須付上責任。攜來狗隻必須已植入晶片、注射預防狂犬病疫苗及領牌,並以狗帶牽引,倘犬隻具攻擊性,應戴上口罩。Pets are welcomed at the event, each participant can bring up to 2 pets. Pet owner has full responsibility for controlling and guarding the pet. Pet owners has full liability for any loss, damage and physical injury of other people and pets caused by the misbehaviour of their pet. All dogs must be implanted with microchip, vaccinated and holding valid licenses. Dogs must be leashed at all times, and dangerous dogs must be muffled.

條款及細則 Terms and Conditions
- 門票只適用於指定持有人 Ticket valid to designated participant only.
- 門票不得轉讓 Tickets are not transferable.
- 入場人士需出示有效的身份証明文件以作核對之用 Participant may be required to show valid identification for entry.
- 持學生票者必須出示有效全日制學生証明文件作核對之用 Student pass holders must present valid full-time student card for entry
- 如持學生票者未能出示有效全日制學生証明文件,或獲証實並非全日制學生,將需要即場支付正價票價之差額,方可進場 Should a student pass holder unable to present a valid full-time student card, or is proved to be non-student, he or she will be required to pay the fare difference for entry.
- 六歲或以下及身高110厘米或以下的兒童必須在家長陪同下方能免費入場 Children under 6 years old and under 110cm height must be accompanied by adults for entry.
- 一位家長最多可帶同兩位六歲或以下兒童入場 One adult participant can bring up to 2 children under 6 years old to the festival.
- 門票一經售出,恕不退換或退款 Tickets are non-exchangeable or non-refundable.
- 禁止攜帶單車入場 Bikes are not allowed.
- 請勿攜帶外來食品、飲品進場 Please do not bring outside food or drinks.
- 經任何方式擁有他人門票者,可能會被拒絕入場,並不會安排退款或補償 Should tickets be found to be transferred, entry will be denied without any compensation or refund.
- 場內消費將以指定電子交易系統進行,不設現金交易 All transactions within the venue will be done via designated electronic system. No cash will be accepted.
- 倘門票上的資料被刪去或經過塗改,又或門票遭損毀、污損或變得殘缺不全,持票人可能不獲准入場 If any information was deleted or amended on the ticket, or ticket has been damaged or spoiled, ticket-holder may not be permitted for entry.
- 所有入場人士均需遵守大會場內規則及在場工作人員之指示,如發現違反規則,大會有權拒絕相關人士繼續參與wow and flutter WEEKEND活動及被勸喻離場 All participants must adhere to all rules and regulation within the venue and follow guidelines by our staff. Violators may be asked to leave the event.
- 大會擁有修改、取消活動及內容之一切權利 Organiser reserves all rights to change or cancel any part of the event.
- 如有任何爭議 wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND保留最終決定權 wow and flutter presents THE WEEKEND reserves the right to all final decision.

wow and flutter

「wow and flutter」解作雜音,那是analogue年代卡式帶或唱盤播放音樂時產生的瑕疵。 這些東西和情懷或許已被淘汰,取而代之的,是數碼世界下的「新」、「快」、「無瑕」,我們卻希望把這些質感重新帶回生活裡。取名「wow and flutter」,正是因為我們深深覺得「雜音」也有它的價值,是真實的聲音,雜音或許未必符合這個看似「完美」的世界,但在香港,還有許多好人好事,就像舊式唱機般 ... »