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2015 香港復古騎行 Tweed Ride Hong Kong 2015

2015-01-25 (Sun)

This event is completed.





集合時間 Meet up


出發時間 Depart


到達時間 Arrive


起點 Begin

九龍城渡輪碼頭 Kowloon City Ferry Pier

終點 End

尖沙咀鐘樓 Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Towe

大概路線 Route

九龍城碼頭 > 牛棚 > 衙前圍村 > 亞皆老街 > 窩打老道 > 果欄 > 彌敦道 > 尖沙咀鐘樓

Kowloon City Ferry Pier > Cattle Depot Artist Village > Nga Tsin Wai Village > Argyle st. > Waterloo Rd. > Yau Ma Tei Wholesale Fruit Market > Nathan Rd. > TST Clocktower

The first Tweed Ride Hong Kong will begin from the Kowloon City Ferry Pier, travel through the old districts of Kowloon, and end at the Tsim Sha Tsui Clock Tower. Vintage attire preferred. Tweed or tweed-inspired outfit, Chinese suits, and wool hats or any clothing that helps to transport us back to a bygone era are welcomed. Bring a vintage bicycle, or one that lets you ride in a casual pace. 

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, each participant will receive an individually numbered armband and a brass bell as souvenirs. There will be contests for the Best Dressed Gent or Lady, and the Best Combo of Outfit and Bicycle. Prizes will include leather bike accessories. 

Last but not least, the number on the armband will be used in a luck draw. The winner will receive a retro leather bicycle saddle.

注意事項 Notice



  1. 騎行路線全長15公里,主要為平坦路段,長期病患者請得主診醫生同意才報名參加。
  2. 此次騎乘活動全程在馬路進行,不能妥善掌控單車的騎乘者不宜參加。
  3. 路面活動具一定危險性,參加者必須年滿18歲,須要負責自身個人安全,遵守交通規則,並遵從舉辦者及警方人員當場指示。
  4. 如因其本人的疏忽、技術不足或體能欠佳,而引致於參加是項活動之傷亡,主辦者無須負責。其本人亦會因應需要,自行決定是否購買個人保險為宜。
  5. 請參閱香港法例,路上單車必須裝上車鈴、反光板,和至少一個制動系統。     
  6. 若參加者於活動後繼續騎乘至晚上,請預備運作良好的頭尾車燈。
  7. 如遇天氣惡劣,活動前一天 (24/1) 會公佈安排。請留意 Facebook 活動網頁。
  8. 主辦者就當日活動安排有最終決定權,如有任何改動,毋須事先知會參加者。


Once successfully registered, Participant acknowledges the following:

  1. The route is about 15km long and is mostly flat. People with chronic illness are advised to seek doctor’s approval before participating.
  2. The event will take place in traffic, therefore a certain level of cycling skills and on-road experience are required.
  3. There are risks associated with participating in a bike tour. Participant must be at least 18 years of age, is responsible for his/her own safety, obey the traffic law and regulations of Hong Kong, and follow the guidance given by the police and the ride marshals.
  4. Participant agrees that the organizer bears no responsibility should an accident/injury occur, arising out of the participant’s neglilgence, poor physical condition or inadequate skills in operating a bicycle. Participants should consider purchasing insurance if deemed necessary.
  5. The law requires that a bell, a reflector and at least one brake be mounted on the bicycle.
  6. If you will continue riding at night, front and rear lights must be mounted.
  7. In case of bad weather, special arrangements will be announced the day before the event (24/1). Please follow the updates on our Facebook page.
  8. The organizer reserves all the rights to change and alter any arrangements of the event without prior notice to the participants.
香港復古騎行 Tweed Ride Hong Kong

於2009年城市,一群穿戴毛呢絨氈帽外套的男女,騎著他們愛好的古典鋼管單車,揭開一場別開新面單車運動,騎士們熱鬧地,穿過倫敦大街小巷與海德公園,成就一幅懷舊而和諧的城市風景。 他們叫這活動為Tweed Run,年復年的舉行,風氣傳遍歐亞,柏林、巴黎、東京、北京與台北等世界各地城市,亦一一嚮應,突破既有生活模式。 香港急速變換面貌,舊社區處處的重建,帶走沉積深厚的人情關愛與生活呼應,換來一個個被高 ... »