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亂調 unconstrained tone

2020-12-11 (Fri) - 2020-12-17 (Thu)

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“unconstrained tone”

7-day online screening marathon
7 new compositions of sound and moving image

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“unconstrained tone” stems from imagining a free and unconstrained state of creation, with the aim of exploring and appreciating other creative experiences through images and (live) scores. During this year-long programme, nineteen participating artists who are usually engaged in sound and image creation took a break from their roles or the established division of labour and process in the industry, and re-examined convergences and divergences between sound and image creation.

Presented and curated by soundpocket, “unconstrained tone” is a collaboration with Ground Up Film Society and two artist-facilitators, Steve Hui and Wong Yan-kwai. From November to December 2019 the facilitators led the artists through sharings and discussions, culminating in seven groups of co-creations in sound and image. Being embroiled in the social movement and epidemic over the past year, alongside the various struggles that come with creation itself, has been a journey full of tension and strife for all involved. When the artist wanders back and forth between sound and image, setting aside established frameworks, and trying to find a common language and equal (but never equal) dialogue between the two, tone may be a site of common ground: by using daily or common experiences as its language, and perception as the way into situations and emotions, tone will allow image, sound, and the audience to communicate freely with the present.

While live performance was the initial creative direction of “unconstrained tone,” the performance originally scheduled for May this year had to be postponed due to the epidemic. Since then, taking into account various considerations, this direction has been transformed into an online moving-image screening programme. Seven new compositions using sound and moving images, will be presented in a week-long marathon screening. One screening a day!





《亂調》由聲音掏腰包主辦及策劃,與合作伙伴平地映社及兩位指導藝術家許敖山、黃仁逵,於2019年11至12月期間合力帶領參與藝術家進行分享、討論,並發展成七組聲音影像的共同創作。過去一年所經歷的社會運動與疫情,令各種生活及創作本身的掙扎,猶如拔河般滿是角力的過程。當藝術家重新游走於聲音與影像之間,拋開固有框架,嘗試尋找兩者共通的語言和平等(或從來都不是對等)的對話時,調子(tone)或許就是其中一個共同基礎(common ground),以日常或共同的經歷作語言,以觀感讓人理解情境、情緒,讓影像與聲音和觀眾與身處的當下自由溝通。




@ Online Screening
@ 網上放映


:: Participating Artists 參與藝術家 ::
Kong Chan | Tim Chan Ting-cheung | Intuon Chau | Sam Cheng Kui-sum | Annisa Cheung Ching-yu | Brian Chu (龢wo4) | Hui Tsz-ho | Lau Sai-wing | Prescott Law | Tsang Hoi-yu | Don Tsang Yuk-hei | Wong Cheuk-man | Wong Chun-hoi | Guyshawn Wong | Wong Hoi-yin | Peace Wong | Wong Tsz-ying | Winnie Yan Wai-yin | Daniel Yung Tsz-hong

陳志江 | 陳庭章 | 周姍祐 | 鄭鉅深 | 張靜瑜 | 朱彥龢(龢wo4)| 許梓昊 | 劉世榮 | 羅昊培 | 曾凱渝 | 曾旭熙 | 黃勺嫚 | 王鎮海 | 王嘉淳 | 黃塏然 | 王和平 | 黃梓瑩 | 忻慧妍 | 翁子康






>> About collaborator and artist-facilitators 關於合作伙伴及指導藝術家

>> About participating artists 關於參與藝術家

>> Screening Programme-at-a-glance 放映節目詳情

>> More about the programme 更多關於節目內容


:: Ticketing information 購票詳情 ::
ONE ticket for all seven screenings

$120 [Full Price Ticket 正價門票] (開賣 Start at: 2020-12-1 00:00)
$60   [Full-time Students Concessionary Ticket 全日制學生優惠門票]*
$100 [Early Bird Ticket 早鳥優惠門票]^

* For verification purposes, buyers of the Student Ticket are required to send an email to listen@soundpocket.org.hk before 11 December including an attached image of a valid proof of Hong Kong full-time studentship.
*已訂購學生門票的人士須於12月11日之前,電郵一張有效香港全日制學生證的照片至 listen@soundpocket.org.hk,以作確認。

^Only available between 20 November and 30 November


Remarks 注意事項
soundpocket will send the relevant links via email to all ticket holders on 10 December. For ticket holders purchase from 11 December onwards, soundpocket will send the relevant links via email within 24 hours after confirmation of ticket purchase. Please stay tuned.


Programme Enquiries 節目查詢
3954-5584 / listen@soundpocket.org.hk

Presented by 主辦:
soundpocket 聲音掏腰包

Collaborated with 合作伙伴:
Ground Up Film Society 平地映社

“Arts-in-School Partnership Scheme” partner school「學校與藝團伙伴計劃」計劃伙伴:
HKICC Lee Shau Kee School Of Creativity 香港兆基創意書院

Supported by 資助:
Hong Kong Arts Development Council 香港藝術發展局

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