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賽馬會藝壇新勢力 | 「風平草動」系列《 浩浩傳奇》楊浩 ╳ 胡境陽 JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power | “Wild is the Grass” Series — Legend of Hao Hao: Yang Hao ╳ Wu King-yeung

2019-01-25 (Fri) - 2019-01-27 (Sun)

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JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power | Wild is the Grass — Legend of Hao Hao by Yang Hao ╳ Wu King-yeung
Artists: Yang Hao, Wu King-yeung

Before, it was Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer.
Today, it’s Yang Hao and his contemporary dance-up comedy!

Yang Hao and Alice Rensy blazed a new trail in 2018, fusing stand-up comedy with contemporary dance theatre to create a new breed of theatre— dance-up comedy!

Legend of Hao Hao combines Yang Hao’s critique of his own identity as an artist and sudden inspirations that come of boredom life. In a collaboration with a carefree theatre playwright – Wu King-yeung, a new character full of Quixotic pathos is born: Hao Hao.

Hao Hao finds himself in the tide of history, caught in the midst of clashing Eastern and Western cultures. His soul is torn apart by artistic ideals and the reality of a low-income life, and with nothing left to lose, he takes a risk and attempts to duct-tape his split selves back together. In a fusion of dance and laughs, he rebels against the common crowd, and lets loose his truest ideals!

*Comes with supplementary short videos. It’s the height of comedy, so don’t you dare sue us if it’s not funny!



Participating Artists

Yang Hao
A dedicated artist kickstarted an endless journey with dancing.

Born in Chongqing, China and now based in Hong Kong, Yang studied dancing at the Arts School under the Chinese National Song and Dance Troupe. After graduation, he joined several dance companies such as Chinese National Opera and Dance Troupe, Guangzhou Singing & Dancing Trope and Guangdong Modern Dance Company. In 2007, Yang received a full scholarship to study at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and joined Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company as a dancer from 2009 to 2012.

Yang has received several funding and scholarships to participate in different festivals overseas, including Seoul International Dance Festival 2013, M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival in Singapore, d’MOTION International Dance Festival in Malaysia, ImPulsTranz Vienna International Dance Festival. He also received the support from HKETONY Arts Fellows of the Yale-China Arts Fellowship to join the residency program at Yale University in Connecticut. Yang was commissioned to show his work, Outspoken and Pied A Terre at Hong Kong Arts Festival. His works have also staged at the Festival of Arts and Ideas in New Haven, USA and the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW in Germany. Commissioned by A4 Art Museum in Chengdu, he has collaborated with Alice Rensy for the piece, variations on lights and people with the support from Hong Kong Arts Development Council. 

Yang has been researching on a new form of performance to strive for a breakthrough in his creation by intertwining contemporary dance and stand-up comedy in recent years. He is currently the artist in residence at Hong Kong University Black Box.

Wu King-yeung
A Hong Kong playwright. 

Wu graduated from School of Communication, Hong Kong Baptist University. His works, A Hong Kong Shopping Mall Odyssey: Searching for the Happy Man and Reflector: OS1 were nominated for the Best Script at The Hong Kong Theatre Libre in 2011 and 2017 respectively. And, The Phenomenon of Man: REVOLVER (2017) was awarded Script of the Year/ Screenwriter Award in 2017 by The International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong) and Best Script at The Hong Kong Theatre Libre 2018.

Notes on Registration

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  2. This programme is suitable for aged 12 or above only.
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Notes on Participation

  1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time, and bring along the confirmation e-mail for registration at the gathering place.
  2. The programme is approximately 45 minutes without intermission.
  3. Performed in Cantonese and English, with NO surtitles.
  4. Please note that no parking space will be provided at the venue.
  5. As no baggage storage service will be provided at the venue, please refrain from carrying any bulky items with you during the programme.
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Adverse Weather Arrangements

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About Art Walk X Heritage

Free Spirits Wander Around the Site of Tai Kwun

After receiving wide acclaim in 2017, we bring in the new edition of Swim Walking in collaboration with orleanlaiproject, together with four groups of local artists from the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. This brand new artistic journey will take place in “Tai Kwun”, one of the most important historical heritage projects in Hong Kong. In this architectural complex consisting the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison, the audience will immerse into history and culture, when creativity creeps through the age-old walls, responding to the wandering free spirits through sound, dance, theatre, video and literature, to bring in a breath of free air.
Participating artists Yang Hao, Ivanhoe Lam, Jabin Law and Théâtre de la Feuille will take inspiration from the historical background and unique space of Tai Kwun to contemplate on the subtle line between surviving and living, after which they will produce a four-day cross-media live performances.

Yang Hao

Alice Rensy

Wu King-yeung 

Choreography & Performance:
Li Tuo-kun 

Special Appearance in video:
Jonathan G Spigner
Chistopher Pang
Bryan Bentley

Andreas Guzman (US)

Christopher Ross Ewart (Canada)

Image Designer:
Trista Ma

Stage Manager:
Zita Lo

Assistant Stage Manager:
Zac Wong

Key Art Photographer:
Bobby Sham

Presented by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Funded by
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

Curated & Produced by

Hong Kong Arts Development Council
10/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
Tel:2820 1024

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