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賽馬會藝壇新勢力 | 「風平草動」系列《樂園(終章)》Jabin Law ╳ 陳冠而 JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power | “Wild is the Grass” Series — Paradise: Epilogue Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun Fee

2019-01-25 (Fri) - 2019-01-27 (Sun)

類別 停售時間 價錢 (HKD)
25/1 21:00-21:45「風平草動」系列《樂園(終章)》"Wild is the Grass" Series — Paradise: Epilogue: Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee 2019-01-25 21:00 免費
27/1 20:00-20:45「風平草動」系列《樂園(終章)》"Wild is the Grass" Series — Paradise: Epilogue: Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee 2019-01-27 20:00 免費
類別 25/1 21:00-21:45「風平草動」系列《樂園(終章)》"Wild is the Grass" Series — Paradise: Epilogue: Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee
停售時間 2019-01-25 21:00
價錢 (HKD) 免費
類別 27/1 20:00-20:45「風平草動」系列《樂園(終章)》"Wild is the Grass" Series — Paradise: Epilogue: Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee
停售時間 2019-01-27 20:00
價錢 (HKD) 免費


賽馬會藝壇新勢力 | 「風平草動」系列
Jabin Law ╳ 陳冠而
JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power | "Wild is the Grass" Series
Paradise: Epilogue
Jabin Law ╳ Chan Kwun-fee

It’s too late for reality, farewell.

Jabin Law 將聯同陳冠而攜手創作一個音樂與身體的碰撞習作,在監獄操場裡仰望外面更華麗的現實樂園,於泥土與雜草上以原創樂曲直面污穢,娓娓關於現實即將終結的靡幻,一開始便已經是終章。樂隊現場演奏與表演者以身體協奏。

Gazing at the kaleidoscopic world, we dare to despair,
Let’s open a concert thirty minutes before the doomsday,
Trading music as drug, trading off ourselves meanwhile.
When the day ends, we too become forgeries;
The pseudo-sun rises tomorrow, and we celebrate.
It’s too late for reality, farewell.

Jabin Law, together with Chan Kwun-fee present a collision between music and body. Down from the prison courtyard, we look up to the more glamourous reality playground out there, and confront the dire reality with original music upon earth and grass. This lyrical account of a reality about to end, a beginning that is also the end, is jointly performed by a live band and the body of the performer.



Jabin Law

受巴布迪倫(Bob Dylan)的音樂哲學和九十年代另類搖滾薰陶,Jabin自2012年開始創作超過百首作品。2014年出版Demo雙專輯《Day》與《Night》,簡單直接的流行民謠曲風展現青春情懷和惆悵。2016年,自資發佈第一張民謠專輯《The Suns》,轉向探討死亡、存在主義哲學和潛意識的掙扎,曲風也明顯受Nick Drake式的複雜指法和脆弱的低吟影響。Jabin在製作過程為了保持自我,一手包辦專輯的作曲、作詞、編曲、監製和混音。兩年後,Jabin把多年來吸收的鬱悶和搖滾情緒,呈現在《But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine》(2018)。這張專輯精磨早年民謠結他彈奏技法,更重視音樂的起承轉合、整體節奏和溫度,從而醞釀出沉重的城市疏離感。



主要作品包括「邊境系列」三部曲,為三個不同角度的遊走式劇場作品,於牛棚12號屋探究戰爭與暴力 - 《卡桑德拉/表象終結之世界》(2018),獲提名香港小劇場獎最佳導演、最佳舞台美學及最佳整體演出;《靜默邊境》(2015);《靜默・邊境族》(2014),獲提名香港小劇場獎最佳整體演出。社區文化大使《我們的海-島嶼幻想曲》(2018)及與社區文化發展中心合作策劃的 《七天七夜-一缺城市誦曲》(2015),以城市地景中發生的表演旅程,回應我城的發展、現在與未來。

其他作品,香港藝術節《論語》(2016,助理編劇)、 《女身饗宴》(2011)、及前進進戲劇工作坊「超連結牛棚實驗劇場節」《旋轉,三途川》(2009)等。近期演出包括影話戲《我的50呎豪華生活》(香港首演及三度重演、賽馬會藝壇新勢力社區巡演、愛丁堡藝穗節、台北藝穗節)、《摩登時代》、香港藝術館x鄭得恩《往迴之旅》、東邊舞蹈團《炫創者》之《一句》、油街實現《像是動物園》、油街實現自主映室《你在哪兒?》、進劇場《樓城》、前進進戲劇工作坊《七個猶太小孩》、《A貨革命》及《耳搖搖》、不加鎖舞踊館《英雄@過期》、 眾聲喧嘩《眾聲喧嘩(    )》及《夢幻劇》、許雅舒舞蹈錄像《哀溺文》及電影《風景》等。

Participating Artists

Jabin Law

Jabin’s performance reminds you of a sculptor, his works are crafted with details in their structure and expressions. His guitar plays the sound of solidarity of modern cities – where souls wander around to seek for stability. The further one goes, the more you realise we are all but lonely neighbors.
Jabin started participating in different live performances in 2012, and published his double disc demo album Day and Night in 2014. He published his first self-funded folk album The Suns in 2016, with which not only written all songs, but also arranged, produced and mixed all of them by himself. In 2018, he released his second studio album But Tonight, The Boulevard Is Mine.
Jabin focuses on melody and lyrics. You could tell his thoughts from his words, and surprised by his husky voice mixed with the tiniest taste of gentleness. You probably cannot help but to ask this slender guy, “How old is your soul?” once you see his live performance. He never talks much about his works, and if you ask for the stories behind his music, he would reply cunningly with a poker face.

Chan Kwun Fee

Graduated from School of Creative Media, The City University of Hong Kong, Chan is now an interdisciplinary artist who mainly works as a writer-director and performer. She is also the founder of Littlebreath Creative Workshop. Her recent work Kassandra or the World as the End of Representation is nominated for Best Director in the Hong Kong Theatre Libre 2018.

Major projects Chan has involved include Where is Our Sea? – A Rhapsody of an Isle (2018), Kassandra or the World as the End of Representation (2018), Heptahedron, A Surrealist’s City Odyssey (Interdisciplinary Project, 2015), Absent Presentee (Immersive theatre project, 2015), Present Absentee (Dance theatre, 2014), Woman.appetities (Interdisciplinary project, 2012), Tides In Limbo (Theatre, 2009).

Her recent performances: Imagination Boom (E-side Dance Company), Modern Times, The Feast and My 50sq ft Luxurious Life (Cinematic Theatre), A Good Revolution, Trembling Ears and Seven Jewish Children (On and On Theatre Workshop), Antigone and The Will to Build (Theatre du Pif), I Hope You Don’t Mind (Video by Enoch Cheng), Pseudo Landscape (Film by Rita Hui), Elegy (Dance video by Rita Hui).


概念/作曲/演奏 Concept / Composer / Musician:
Jabin Law (結他guitar)

概念/導演 Concept / Director:
陳冠而 Chan Kwun-fee

演奏 Musicians:
徐正威 Vic Tsui (敲擊 percussion)
蘇諾臨 Isaac So (結他guitar)
呂奡元 Lui Ngao-yuen (低音結他 bass)

演出 Performers:
梁曉端 Melissa Leung*
伍美宜 Emily Ng

排練助理 Rehearsal Assistant:
陳旻禧 Maze Chan

服裝設計 Costume Designer:
梁子蔚 Leung Tsz-wai

舞台監督 Stage Manager:
陳樂詩 Chan Lok-sze

主題攝影 Key Art Photographer:
沈嘉豪 Bobby Sham

嗚謝 Acknowledgements:
CCDC 舞蹈中心 CCDC Dance Centre

*承蒙城市當代舞蹈團批准參與演出 Participating in the project with the support of CCDC

主辦機構 Presented by
香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council

捐助機構 Funded by
香港賽馬會慈善信託基金 The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust

策劃及監製 Curated & Produced by

查詢 Enquiries
香港藝術發展局 Hong Kong Arts Development Council
香港鰂魚涌英皇道1063號10樓|10/F, 1063 King’s Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
電郵 Email:jcnap@hkadc.org.hk
電話 Tel:2820 1024


  1. 登記前請詳閱《登記須知》、《參加須知》及《惡劣天氣安排》。
  2. 是次節目只適合12歲以上人士參與。
  3. 每位參加者每個節目最多可預留兩個位置(不論是否同一時段)。若預留多於兩個位置,將以較早的時段為準,較後預留的時段將會被取消而不會另作通知。
  4. 已成功登記的參加者,將於報名後經電郵形式接獲確認覆函。請確保所提交之電郵地址準確無誤,並自行查收,需要時請留意垃圾郵件箱。如於登記後未能獲得電郵回覆,請致電本局職員查詢。
  5. 如需取消或更改已確認的登記,須於演出舉行前 最少1個工作天 電郵至 jcnap@hkadc.org.hk 通知,以便安排。
  6. 參加者若未能依時到達,預約位置將會被取消。
  7. 如遇風球或惡劣天氣,節目或會更改/取消。主辦者/策劃單位將不會為已預約人士提供候補時段,受影響人士可於網上平台重新預約。
  8. 有關惡劣天氣情況下,節目是否繼續進行等安排詳情,請留意以下惡劣天氣安排。
  9. 根據個人資料 (私隱) 條例第十八、二十二及附表一載列的第六原則,申請人有權要求查閱及更正申請表內所提供的個人資料。申請人所提供之個人資料將只用作是次演出之內。


  1. 請提早最少10分鐘到達集合地點,並於節目場地出示電郵確認覆函,以進行登記。
  2. 節目長約 45分鐘,不設中場休息。
  3. 少量廣東話演出,不設字幕。
  4. 場地不提供車輛停泊位置,敬請注意。
  5. 是次活動不設行李寄存服務,敬請避免攜帶大型行李。
  6. 行動不便者請留意:演出場地為古蹟,其位置及部份地方只有樓梯可達;部份節目不設座位,節目期間,觀眾或需要走動。留位前,請衡量個人身體狀況是否合適。
  7. 參加者將有可能被拍攝及錄影,其用途包括存檔、上載到本局或藝術家之網頁、社交平台、出版刊物及宣傳單張等。所有相片及片段只會用作推廣藝術及教育用途。
  8. 參加者必須遵照工作人員的指示。
  9. 如節目過程中出現意外 (如惡劣天氣、路面事故及人為騷亂等),本局將以安全為先,節目或會按照情況而被暫停、延遲或取消。任何突發情況如身體不適或緊急事項,請即時通知隨行工作人員,以作安排及協助。
  10. 請理解,您的參與所帶來的一切風險均由您自行承擔。在適用法律允許的最大範圍內,您將承擔與您的人身傷害相關的一切風險。並且,您同意免除和解除就您的參與而發生的或與您的參與相關的任何及一切對本局的申索或訴訟因由,無論該等申索或訴訟因由是已知的還是未知的,亦無論其是因本局疏忽還是其他原因造成的。
  11. 本局保留是次節目的最終決定權,任何有關活動的臨時改動或消息,將以本局公布為準。已成功登記的人士將獲另行通知,敬請留意。


  1. 黃色暴雨警告、一號或三號戒備信號預告/生效:活動將根據實際天氣情況及安全因素,考慮繼續進行或即時取消。
  2. 紅色暴雨、黑色暴雨警告、八號或以上暴風信號預告/生效:活動當日早上8時預告/仍然生效,當日所有活動將取消。
  3. 本局保留權利取消或更改是次活動而不另作通知。請密切留意計劃網站(http://www.newartspower.hk)及Facebook專頁 @newartspower 發放的最新活動消息。

Notes on Registration

  1. Please read through the Notes on Registration, Notes on Participation and Adverse Weather Arrangements before registering.
  2. This programme is suitable for aged 12 or above only.
  3. Each person can register for a maximum of two places for the programme (whether in same or different timeslots). If there are more than two places reserved under the same participant, the former slot will be counted, while the latter one will be cancelled.
  4. Confirmation will be sent to you automatically by e-mail. Please make sure the e-mail address you provide is valid and check the junk mailbox if necessary. Please contact us if you do not receive any confirmation email after registration.
  5. Please notify us by e-mail (jcnap@hkadc.org.hk) if you would like to withdraw or make changes to your confirmed registration at least 1 working day before the programme date.
  6. Reservation will be cancelled once you are late.
  7. The programme may be suspended or cancelled due to typhoon or adverse weather conditions. All the reserved slots will be cancelled during that period of time. Presenter/organiser will NOT provide substitute slots for those people reserved at the period of adverse weather. The affected participants can make new reservation at the online platform again upon availability.
  8. In case of adverse weather, please refer to the adverse weather arrangements below.
  9. In accordance with Section 18, 22 and Principle 6 of Schedule 1 to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have the right to request access to and request correction of personal data. The personal data you provide by means of this registration will be kept as records of this project only.

Notes on Participation

  1. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the starting time, and bring along the confirmation e-mail for registration at the gathering place.
  2. The programme is approximately 45 minutes without intermission.
  3. Performed with some Cantonese, with NO surtitles.
  4. Please note that no parking space will be provided at the venue.
  5. As no baggage storage service will be provided at the venue, please refrain from carrying any bulky items with you during the programme.
  6. Note for people with difficulties walking stairs: The venue is a heritage site, with some locations accessible by stairs only. Some of the programmes provide NO seatings. Audiences may be required to move around during the event, and are thus advised to consider their physical condition before making reservation.
  7. Participants may be captured in photos or video-recordings during the programme. The materials may be saved and uploaded to the organiser(s)’ and the artist(s)’ websites, social media platforms, publications and/or publicity materials. All photos and videos will be used for promotion and educational purposes only.
  8. Please follow the instructions of our staff during the programme.
  9. For participants’ safety, if any emergency situations happen during the programme (e.g. adverse weathers, accidents or disturbances), the programme may be suspended or cancelled immediately depending on the actual conditions. If there are any emergencies or if you feel unwell, please seek assistance from our on-site staff immediately.
  10. Please understand that your participation is done at your own risk. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, you shall assume all risk or injury to yourself, and agree to release and discharge the organiser(s) from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of or in connection with your participation, whether arising out of the organiser(s)’ negligence or otherwise.
  11. Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to decide and alter the operation of the programmes at its own discretion. We shall inform you of any changes or cancellations to any confirmed registration.

Adverse Weather Arrangements

  1. Amber Rainstorm Warning and/or Typhoon Signal no. 1 / 3:
    Programmes may continue or be suspended depending on the actual conditions at the venue.
  2. Red / Black Rainstorm Warning and/or Typhoon Signal no. 8 or above:
    If the warning / signal is issued / hoisted at 8am on the day of the programme, all programmes on that day will be cancelled.
  3. Hong Kong Arts Development Council reserves the right to cancel the programmes under other inclement weather conditions. Stay tuned to the updates on our Facebook page newartspower and website http://www.newartspower.hk

關於《藝術行 ╳ 古蹟遊》

靈魂自由 穿牆過壁遊大館

繼2017 年大受好評的藝術旅程《游山行》, 今屆再度與資深策展單位 orleanlaiproject 合作,連結參與「賽馬會藝壇新勢力」的四組本地藝術家,在香港其中一項最重要的歷史古蹟活化計劃「大館」,啟動全新旅程系列。在這個前身為中區警署、中央裁判司署和域多利監獄的建築群裡,吸收歷史文化的日月精華,創意穿牆過壁,以聲音、舞動、劇場、錄像及文學回應無法羈留的自由之魂,與觀眾分享一口無拘束空氣。

今屆旅程領航藝術家包括楊浩、林俊浩、Jabin Law 及綠葉劇團,以「大館」的歷史背景與獨特空間為靈感,思辨生存與生活之間的微妙,精心編排為期四天的跨媒介現場展演。


About Art Walk X Heritage

Free Spirits Wander Around the Site of Tai Kwun

After receiving wide acclaim in 2017, we bring in the new edition of Swim Walking in collaboration with orleanlaiproject, together with four groups of local artists from the JOCKEY CLUB New Arts Power. This brand new artistic journey will take place in “Tai Kwun”, one of the most important historical heritage projects in Hong Kong. In this architectural complex consisting the former Central Police Station, Central Magistracy and Victoria Prison, the audience will immerse into history and culture, when creativity creeps through the age-old walls, responding to the wandering free spirits through sound, dance, theatre, video and literature, to bring in a breath of free air.
Participating artists Yang Hao, Ivanhoe Lam, Jabin Law and Théâtre de la Feuille will take inspiration from the historical background and unique space of Tai Kwun to contemplate on the subtle line between surviving and living, after which they will produce a four-day cross-media live performances.


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