PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - PMQ元創方 – 玩創夏令營 (適合升中二至中五年級學生,免費參加但須預付按金) PMQ – WOW Summer Camp (For students being promoted to F2 to F5, free event with deposit)

PMQ元創方 – 玩創夏令營 (適合升中二至中五年級學生,免費參加但須預付按金) PMQ – WOW Summer Camp (For students being promoted to F2 to F5, free event with deposit)

2018-08-01 (Wed) - 2018-08-18 (Sat)

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第一日- 探索上環

第二及第三日- 重新學習

第四日- 完善初模及最後提案


• Loftwork是一間創意項目企劃機構,以開放式合作的方式,透過邀請使用者、設計師及工程師等跨界人士參與設計過程,致力打造涵蓋數碼創作、產品革新及社區空間營造等領域的創意項目與方案。

      o 導師 HARVEY CHUNG,畢業於耶魯大學建築碩士專業,現為香港Loftwork的聯合創辦人及香港大學建築系的客座講師。研究領域包括物料與自動化數碼製造科技,擁有超過12年數碼設計及製作經驗。

      o 導師TIM WONG,畢業於哈佛大學設計研究院,擁有建築及都市設計雙碩士學位。於美國、中東、及多個亞洲城市從事都市設計多年,曾於台灣淡江大學擔任客座講師。現為台灣及香港Loftwork的聯合創辦人。

• Abtitu是一個手機程式編製平台。讓你無需透過編碼,只需使用內建範本及Drag & Drop 便能創建iOS和Android應用程式!

活動日期: 2018年8月1日至8月18日 (逢星期三至星期六,每組上課為期四天,詳見夏令營時間表。)
本地升中二至中五學生(a及b班:升中二至中三學生; c及d班:升中四至中五學生)
英語 (輔以粵語)
免費 (須預付按金港幣$300,出席整個活動後將會全數退還。)
• 參加者需自備手提電腦,並需配備Google Chrome瀏覽器之最新版本。


  1. 完成報名登記的人士,即表示已閱覽及同意報名程序、條款及細則,以及惡劣天氣安排
  2. 成功登記之申請人將透過報名之電郵地址收取「學員資料登記表」,申請人須於夏令營開始前填妥有關資料。
  3. 如有任何爭議,PMQ元創方保留最終決定權。

During the four-day summer camp, we aim to help participants to develop a strong sense of empowerment and create positive impacts to their living environment. Through researching the area of Sheung Wan, a series of critical thinking exercise and technical training sessions, participants will learn from the design thinking process which includes research and collect useful data, finding problems, and eventually attempt to solve the problem with prototypes or other methodologies created by themselves.

Day 1 - Discover Sheung Wan
Participants will participate in a series of exploration and idea generation workshop as well as field research about Sheung Wan in terms of its culture, environment and community.

Day 2&3 - Learning How to Learn
Participants will attend different workshops according to their needs for the research topic and make the final prototype. They can select APP and IOT based workshops or making based workshops including digital fabrication such as 3D printing and laser cut.

Day 4 - Refining Prototype and Pitching
Participants will refine their prototype in the morning and participate in a presentation and storytelling workshop before final pitching.

Mentors’ introductions:

• Loftwork Inc. is a creative agency which, through open collaboration among users, designers and enginners, takes part in the design of websites, contents, services, communication and spaces, and provides a wide variety of creative services by creating together with creator communities worldwide.

      o HARVEY CHUNG was graduated with a Master of Architecture from Yale University and is currently Co-Founder of Loftwork Hong Kong and Guest Lecturer in the Department of Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. His research areas include fabrication and automated digital processing technology. He has profound experience in digital design and production for over 12 years.

      o TIM WONG holds dual Master degrees in Architecture and Urban Design from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. He has for many years worked in urban design in the United States, the Middle East and several Asian cities. Previously a guest lecturer in Tamkang University in Taiwan, he is currently Co-Founder of Loftwork Taiwan and Hong Kong. 

• Abtitu is a mobile app builder and community where you can use designer templates and custom your app by drag and drop. Create iOS & Android app without coding!

Programme Date: 1/8 – 18/8/2018 (Every Wednesday to Saturday, each class lasts for 4 days, please refer to the Summer Camp Schedule for details)
Venue: PMQ (35 Aberdeen Street, Central), Loftwork (10 New Street, Sheung Wan) and the neighbourhood
Class size: 12 – 14 students / each class
Target: Local secondary school students being promoted to F2 – F5 (Class a & b: students promoted to F2 – F3 / Class c & d: students promoted to F4 – F5)
Language: English (assisted with Cantonese where necessary)
Fee: Free (An amount of HKD$300 shall be paid as deposit, the full deposit shall be refunded upon completion of the programme)
Points to note:
• 1-hour lunch break each day included. Participants have to prepare for their own meal.
• Participants are required to bring their own laptop, with latest Google Chrome Browser installed.


  1. Applicants who join the programmes will be deemed to have accepted the Enrolment Procedure, Remarks, Terms & Conditions.
  2. Successful applicants will receive "Participant Details Form”, applicant should complete the form before the attending the summer camp.
  3. The decision of PMQ Management Co. Ltd shall be final should disputes arise.

夏令營時間表 Summer Camp Schedule:

PMQ元創方:玩創夏令營 WOW Summer Camp

香港創意地標PMQ元創方一直致力孕育創意,鋭意培育香港年輕創意企業家,推動創意產業發展。今年暑期更夥拍不同創意單位精心策劃「玩創夏令營」,帶領中小學生在社區及跨界別的創作體驗中,寓學習於玩樂。運用想像力和設計思維,突破傳統框架,進行觀察、思考、探索及創作,釋放他們的創意潛能! PMQ, a creative landmark in Hong Kong, has a mission to nurt ... »