PUTYOURSELF.in ticketing 售票平台 - PMQ元創方 – 玩創夏令營 (適合升小五至小六年級生, 免費參加但須預付按金) PMQ – WOW Summer Camp (For students being promoted to P5 – P6, Free event with deposit)

PMQ元創方 – 玩創夏令營 (適合升小五至小六年級生, 免費參加但須預付按金) PMQ – WOW Summer Camp (For students being promoted to P5 – P6, Free event with deposit)

2018-07-16 (Mon) - 2018-08-24 (Fri)

This event is completed.

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• 第一日(4小時):透過角色扮演及有關想像力的遊戲及創作活動,進行思考與小組討論,學習表達自己及欣賞同學們的創作,一同建構「我的小社區」的雛形。

• 第二日(2小時):於中上環進行戶外考察,實地觀察與探索真實城市空間與想像社區的大不同,讓學生能從中學習觀察及不同的紀錄技巧,並引導他們以同理心思考問題。

• 第三日(2小時):以不同食材作為創作素材,引導學生透過五官感知激發想像力,並透過團隊協作進行即場設想各個小社區的飲食文化,以不浪費為原則,完成後與同學們一同享用創作成果。

• 第四日(約3-4小時):整合第一至三日的體驗進行創作,與導師和同學們分享創作過程、成果與心得。

除了為期四日的夏令營外,參加者須出席及參與暫定於2018年12月至2019年1月之展覽 (日期待定),有關詳情將於稍後公佈。


• 建築師及大專教授Kevin Siu - AaaM建築設計工作室創辦人之一, 兼任香港珠海學院建築系助理教授。具豐富創意教育及從事設計經驗,近年聯合創立AaaM(Architecture as a Medium)建築設計工作室,致力透過文字寫作,藝術策展及項目實踐把建築藝術及創意思維普及於大眾生活中。現育有一子一女。

• 藝術家及兒童藝術教師李澧榆(Zoe Liu) - 現定居於夏威夷的李澧榆,於香港出生及長大,直到15歲時移居美國。畢業於夏威夷大學美術系,現負責檀香山藝術博物館(Honolulu Museum of Art)的青年藝術家項目和拓展藝術與科學融合計劃。 前後接受過東西方的教育模式,認為香港教育強調服從、記憶多於獨立和分析思維,於是運用了香港特色的元素去創作及回應教育制度問題。她的作品在美國、香港及新加坡等地展出。

• PMQ味道圖書館策展人黎建彰(Andy Lai) - 黎建彰畢業於法國藍帶廚藝學院,累積豐富餐飲經驗。現為味道圖書館策展人之一,一直深信食物是凝聚眾人的最好媒介,「吃」的層次是每個人應有的追求,亦是生活樂趣所在。憑藉對食物的專業及熱情,把人與人之間的距離拉近,是他最樂見的事情。

• 夏令營部分 - 2018年7月16日至8月26日 (每組上課時間為期四日,詳見夏令營時間表)
• 展覽部分 - 2018年12月至2019年1月 (日期待定)
活動地點:PMQ元創方 (中環鴨巴甸街35號) 及附近社區 
每班人數:每班20 – 25人
• 本地升小學五年級至六年級學生(*升小二至小四年級學生之班次請按此)
語言:粵語 (輔以英語)
免費 (須預付按金港幣$300,出席整個活動後將會全數退還。)


  1. 每名申請者只可為最多3名小孩報名參加
  2. 完成報名登記的人士,即表示已閱覽及同意報名程序、條款及細則,以及惡劣天氣安排
  3. 成功登記之申請人將透過報名之電郵地址收取「學員資料登記表」,申請人須於夏令營開始前填妥有關資料。
  4. 如有任何爭議,PMQ元創方保留最終決定權。

During the 4-day summer camp, students will be guided by architects, artists and the curator of PMQ Taste Library. Learn in a playful way through the cross-disciplinary creative experiences of architecture, art and food. Foster the ability of independent thinking without losing empathy, explore during the process, express views without losing focus on teamwork, and combine these experiences into the creative works in the end.

1st day (4 hours): Brainstorm and run group discussions through role plays, different games and creative exercises about imagination. Learn to express oneself, appreciate classmates’ creativity, and develop “My Village” together.

2nd day (2 hours): Learn how to observe, document and think with empathy through a field trip in Sheung Wan and/or Central, onsite observation and exploring the differences between the real urban space and the imaginary neighbourhood.

3rd day (2 hours): Create with different food ingredients as materials, stimulate students’ imaginations through five senses, work together and reflect the food culture of the imaginary village.

4th day (3 – 4 hours): Develop creativity through integrating the experiences from the first three days. Share the creative process, results and experiences with classmates and mentors.

Apart from the 4-day summer camp, participants are required to join the exhibition (to be held in Dec 2018 – Jan 2019, exact date to be confirmed). Details will soon be announced.

Mentors’ introductions:

• Architect and Professor Kevin Siu - Kevin Siu is the co-founder of AaaM Architects and the Adjunct Assistant Professor for the Department of Architecture of the Chi Hai College of Higher Education in Hong Kong. With extensive experience in design education and professional practice in architecture field, Kevin Siu co-founded AaaM, abbrieviating architecture as a medium, to populate architecture and creative thinking to the general public through column writings, curations and exhibitions, and a wide range of project realisations. He is also a father of two.

• Artist and teaching artist for children’s art Zoe Liu - Zoe Liu was born and raised in Hong Kong and currently resides in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Zoe graduated with a BFA from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa. She currently worked as a teaching artist at Honolulu Museum of Art School, projects include Young Artist program and Outreach Art and Science Integration program. She investigates existential questions, social contradictions, and education issues through her works. In particular issues about silencing and forced-feeding education style. Her works showcased in the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.

• Curator of PMQ Taste Library Andy Lai - Andy Lai, a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Institute, Andy has a strong background in F&B from his past working experience. Currently, he is one of the curators of PMQ Taste Library. As a keen advocate of "you are what you eat”, he believes everyone should constantly seek a better understanding of everything about food. His vision is to use food as the medium to bring happiness and satisfaction to everyone.

Programme Date: 
• Summer Camp: 16/7 – 26/8/2018 (Each class lasts for 4 days, please refer to the Summer Camp Schedule for details)
• Exhibition: Dec 2018 – Jan 2019 (exact date to be confirmed)
Venue: PMQ (35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong) and the neighbourhood
Class size: 20 – 25 students / each class
Local primary school students being promoted to P5 – P6 (For students being promoted to P2 to P4, please click here).
Language: Cantonese (assisted with English where necessary)
Fee: Free (An amount of HKD$300 shall be paid as deposit, the full deposit shall be refunded upon completion of the programme

Application: Interested participants are required to complete the online enrolment and the deposit payment. Seats are limited and will be arranged in the first-come-first-served basis.


  1. Each applicant can register for three children maximum.
  2. Applicants who join the programmes will be deemed to have accepted the Enrolment Procedure, Remarks, Terms & Conditions.
  3. Successful applicants will receive "Participant Details Form”, applicant should complete the form before the attending the summer camp.
  4. The decision of PMQ Management Co. Ltd shall be final should disputes arise.

夏令營時間表 Summer Camp Schedule:

PMQ元創方:玩創夏令營 WOW Summer Camp

香港創意地標PMQ元創方一直致力孕育創意,鋭意培育香港年輕創意企業家,推動創意產業發展。今年暑期更夥拍不同創意單位精心策劃「玩創夏令營」,帶領中小學生在社區及跨界別的創作體驗中,寓學習於玩樂。運用想像力和設計思維,突破傳統框架,進行觀察、思考、探索及創作,釋放他們的創意潛能! PMQ, a creative landmark in Hong Kong, has a mission to nurt ... »