How it works?

Let’s get started! Simply share your event details with us, we will work out the rest with you.

Before Event

Easy to manage

We’ll invite you to create an organizer account, so you can find out how well your events are selling and adjust your event details 24/7.

Publish in one day

Once we’ve received all your materials, your Page will be ready in 1 working day. Of course, we will inform you right away!

Flexible ticket types

Early Bird, VIP, Student, with promotional code…etc., you name it.

Meet your fans

Know your participants at a glance.

Talk to your participants

In case you need to talk to your participants, you will love this function.

Spread the word

Our “.in Features” and social media channels (Facebook and Instagram) are dedicated to promote all interesting events in

On Event Date

All you need is your phone &
a big smile! :)

Greet your participants with “” app.

QR code ticket

Scan the QR code on the E-ticket with app.

Attendance checklist

A web based attendance checklist shows all you need to know about your audience Or simply download the list!

After the Event

Small fee

We will only charge a small handling fee for each online ticket transaction.

Happy Ending!

Take some rest! Your ticket income will be transferred to your bank account within 5 working days after the event date.

Ticket Fee Calculator for Organizer

Ticket Fee Charges of Bank / Payment Gateway Charges of Total (HK$)
- - =
Why settle payment after the event?
In case you are wondering, such practice can help us to protect the participants by ensuring that the event has actually been held.